How To Create An Android Virtual Device using AVD manager In Eclipse

Before Starting this tutorial , make sure that you have installed Android SDK for Eclipse , if not than visit the tutorial on installing android SDK.
The Android tools include an emulator. The emulator behaves like a real Android device in most cases and allows you to test your application without having a real device. You can emulate one or several devices with different configurations. Each configuration is defined via an "Android Virtual Device" (AVD).

How to Create AVD ?
Even though you can use the command line tool of Android SDK to create and manage AVDs, in this tutorial I am showing with Eclipse and the graphical AVD manager to create an AVD.

In Eclipse toolbar click AVD manager icon  to bring up the AVD manager.

Android AVD Manager

In AVD Manger window,  Click on the New button

Android Create New AVD Manager

Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD) dialog pops up on click of new button , as shown in the below screenshot

Android AVD Fill Data

Enter the  data to configure the AVD
 While making tutorial i have configured AVD with the following data

Name    : smartphone
   Device    : 3.2" QVGA(ADP2)(320*480:mdpi)
   Target     : Android 4.1.2 -API Level 16

CPU/ABI  : Intel Atom(x86)

Memory options
        RAM     : 512MB
    VM Heap  :16

Internal Storage   : 200 MiB
            SD card  : 200 MiB

After entering the data click on ok, Now you can see a the AVD which you have created will be listed in "Android Virtual Device Manager window" , now select the AVD and click on start button

Android List of AVD Created

Launch Options dialog comes there click on launch button

Android AVD Launch

Please wait it takes some time to emulate the emulator

Emulator Start

now you can see  emulator

Android Emulator

Thats it your done :)

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  1. nice article.
    How do i simulate external SD cards along with onboard usb storage. Like in many android devices say in HTC one we have 8GB of storage (which android shows as SD card). Also we can insert another external SD card. Please suggest how we can simulate them in android emulator.