How to Take a Screenshot of Your Android Device Using DDMS on Windows

In this post we will see how to take screen of an android application runner on your device or emulator .

What is DDMS
Android SDK Comes up with debugging tool called the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server(DDMS) , The DDMS tool has a set of debugging features like port-forwarding services, screen capture,thread and heap information on the device, logcat, process .

So before getting into this tutorial make sure you have install android sdk and also set up the environment variable for android tools if not then visit my previous tutorial and come back

I am using Emulator to demonstrate this tutorial you can connect your android device  , So now I want take screen shot which is being displayed in the below emulator .

Android Emulator

      Firstly we need to open DDMS Prospective , So go to  command prompt and type ddms

DDMS Command

DDMS Windows With the list of Devices Connected to it

Finally click on Save to Save in your local machine


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