Android Volley Library and Building Project With It

Volley is a network library for android , which makes networking for android application easier simpler and most importantly faster without worrying to write tons of code and allows you to concentrate on the logic that is specific to your app, by default all the volley networking calls works asynchronously , so we don't have to worry about writing Asynctask .

 Volley Offers Beneficial Features Like
  • Volley automatically schedule all network requests. It means that Volley will be taking care of all the network requests of your app .
  • Volley provides powerful Request queuing and prioritization.
  • Volley provides Efficient request cache and memory management.
  • Volley provides Cancellation of request API. You can cancel a single request, or you can set blocks or scopes of requests to cancel.
  • Volley provides powerful customization abilities.
  • Volley provides Debugging and tracing tools.

Ficus Kirkpatrick at Google I/O gave a presentation on volley Library .

How To Get Started ?
  1. Cloning Android Volley From GitHub Repo.
  2. Import Cloned Volley Library Into Project And mark it as library.
  3. Create a sample android project and add volley library.

Step 1 :  Cloning Android Volley From GitHub Repo.
  • To Clone volley you need to install Git GUI Client from ( ), I have installed Git GUI Client on my windows machine After Installing Set the environment variable .
  • After Installing Git type the following below command line in your command prompt.

git clone

  At this point you have volley project downloaded into your disk .

Step 2 : Import Cloned Volley Into Eclipse As Android project And Mark it as Library.
  • Import Cloned Volley Into Eclipse as Android Project 
  • Right Click on Project >Properties and then you will see the below Screen.  
  • Click on Android On Left Panel and then check mark the is Library check-box and  click apply and then ok.

Step 3 : Create a sample android project and add volley library to it .
  • Create a Sample Android Project.
  • Right Click on Project >Properties  and Add then volley library as shown in below Screen.

The above steps are explained in the below video

What Next

In the Next upcoming tutorial we will see how to make network call and parse json array and object using volley .
  1. Volley JSONArray Parsing .
  2. Volley JSONObject Parsing.
  3. Volley Load Image From URL Into ImageView.