How To Publish Android App On Google PlayStore

In the previous post we have seen how to build android application package , when you develop your android application and build .apk file and want to share it with the targeted user then Google Play store is a great place to publish your application , in this post we will see in detail step by step how to publish android app on play store.

To publish your app on play store you need to register at ( by paying 25 Dollars its one time fee to become Google Android Developer .Remember, it is a one time fee which means you just have to pay 25 dollars once in a life and than you can upload countless apps in the Market.

When you login you will see the below screen , there Click on "Add new application"

Enter the title and click on "upload apk"

Click on "upload your first APK to production"

Now Browser the .apk file from your PC and Upload

Click on "Store Listing" from left and panel and fill all the mandatory columns

Inside the "Store Listing" scroll down and there you can see the option for uploading your application screen shots

Read : How to take Android Application Screenshots .

Click on "Pricing & Distribution" selection list of countries where you want to make your app to visible after publishing .

Inside the "Pricing & Distribution" scroll down and at the bottom you will content agreement click on all the checkbox and finally click on save button .

After filling all the mandatory columns and "publish" button can be seen at the top-right corner click on it .

It takes around 1hours to get publish your app on playstore after an hour you will find a link "view in Play store" click on it , which will be your application link .

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