Android Train Pnr Application On PlayStore

Launching Indian Railway Pnr Android Application on playstore, this application always you to check the current PNR status of your train ticket , the app also always you to save the pnr for later use and the application also  shows the trains details and it's routes between source and destination station .

Below is the screen shot and video of the application and download link from google play store .

Launch Screen  


When you click check Pnr button from launch Activity you will be navigated to pnr activity ,  enter your pnr number into edittext box and click search icon

In this Screen you will see two buttons one for saving your pnr number and another button on click will show list of stations between source and destination

List of stations between source and destination with arrival and departure  

List of Saved Pnr Number 

On Long Click of List Items On Saved Pnr Number you will get alert box for deleting number. 

Train Details

Gets Train detail and route of the train 

Trains Between Stations Activity with auto suggestion for station names

List of Trains Between two requested stations  

On Click of List Items of Train you will see train details

if you find this application helpful kindly share and also rate it on playstore and if you have any suggestion  comment in the comment box .

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