Introduction to SQL ( Structured Query Language )

Structured Query Language

Q) What is database ?
A)  A database is a collection of data , By data we mean known facts that can be recorded and that have implicit meaning 

Q) Why we need database ?
A)  Database technology have a major impact on the growing use of computers . It is fair to say that database play a critical role in almost all area where computers are used  .

    Ex :- Banking ,Hotel management ,Library Catalog .

Q) What is SQL ? 

  •   SQL Stands for  Structural Query Language .
  •   SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, or retrieve data from  database.
  •   SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard .
  •   Almost most of the relational database management systems supports SQL  
               Ex :- Oracle db, MySql , SqlServer etc

Q)  What is DBMS ?
  •  DBMS Stands for Database Mangement System .
  •  DBMS is defined as the software program that is used to manage the databases

     Q) What is RDBMS ?
    • RDBMS Stands for Relational Database Mangement System .
    • RDBMS is defined as the software program that is used to manage the relational database .
    • The database system in which the relationships among different tables are maintained is called Relational Database Management System .

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