How to setup or configure environment variable for android sdk tools inwindows

In this post we will see about how to setup or configure android tools and platoform tools with the system environment variable in windows .

Setting up environment variable ,make it easier to launch the Android tools and work with android commands

Make Sure you have already installed android sdk before , if not the visit   How to installing android sdk

After successfully installing android sdk and configuring it with eclipse , now it's time to setup environment variable for android

lets go step by step

Step 1
                 Click on windows -> computer ->Properties

Step 2   
          In Properties window  click on "Advanced system settings"

Step 3  
 now system properties dialog comes up there click on "Environment variable"

Step 4   
Environment variable dialog comes up there under system variables click on "New" button , on click of "new" a dialog box 
comes up there enter the "Variable name" and "Variable value"
                 Variable name can be anything , in my case i have given "ANDROID_HOME"
Variable value should be android sdk installed directory  path upto "android-sdk"
                 in my case the value is "C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-sdk"
Enter the variable name and it's value in the popup dialog and then click ok

Step 5  
now inside system variables select the variable with name "Path" and click on "Edit" button , on click of "Edit" a dialog box comes there edit the variable value

value for SDK tools = %ANDROID_HOME%tools;
value for android platform tools= %ANDROID_HOME%platform-tools;

so add the following value
;%ANDROID_HOME%tools;%ANDROID_HOME%platform-tools;  to the end of path variable values and click ok

 thats it your done :)

Step 6  
To verify the environment variable has set or not , just  open command prompt and enter the following command  "adb version"


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