Android Studio IDE Shortcut

If your an android developer you must know android studio shortcuts , knowing the shortcuts makes developer life easier , makes you familiar  with the environment and  increase the productivity , Android Studio includes keyboard shortcuts for many common actions , below are the some of the shortcuts which are used more.

1. Shortcut for log TAG

    Type "logt" android studio ide we show helper select and enter

2. Optimize Imports

remove unused imports "Ctrl + Alt + O"

3. Generate Getter and Setter Method

To Generate getter and setter method used the shortcut key "ALT + Insert" > Select Getter and Setter >PopUp Dialog apprears select member variable for which you want to generate method .

4. Find/Search File Name .

To Find the file name in the project use the shortcut key "Ctrl +Shift + N" , A dialog appears start typing filename which you want a drop down appears select the click which opens the files

5. Recent Files

To Know about Recent file modified use the shortcut key "Crtl +E"

6. Search Everywhere

If your looking for particular keyword or terms in the entire project use the shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift + F" , A dialog appears type the keyword it will show file contains that keyword.

7. Fold /Unfold .

Fold  : Use the shortcut "Ctrl +shift+('-')) to fold or collapse
Unfold : Use the shortcut "Ctrl+shift +('+')) to unfold or expand

8. Refactor Code .

To Refactor code use the shortcut "Ctrl+Alt+L"

9. Single Line Comment

To Comment Single line ,first place the cursor at the particular line and use the shortcut key "Ctrl+/"

10.  Block Comment or Comment Multiple Line

To Comment more the one lines ,Select the piece of code which you want to comment and use the shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift + / "

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