Creating Database and Table In SQL

The main SQL command for data defination is the Create statement that all
database management system support .
         The SQL create command which can be used to
  •    Create Database
  •    Create Table
  •    Create View
  •   Create Domain

Create Database

             The create database command is used
to create a new database in database management system . 

     Create database  <database-name>


                    Example:-  Create database company

  Create Table
                 The create table command is used  to create a new table in a database by giving it's name and declaring it's column with datatypes and constraint .

          In  a given database each and every table is identified by it's name    

 Create table <table-name>( col_1 ,col_2,........       .............col_n);

Example  :-

  Create table person(

              Pid        int primary key ,

              Name    varchar(30),

              country  varchar(30),   




   Pid            Name           Country     

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